About Sedar Global

 Our experienced team member are above and beyond any curtain suppliers in Kuwait. They are eudcated professionals and highly trained engineers. Here to help you beyond just installing curtains. We offer consultancy on home automation, project management, 3D design and even professional services to big projects such as offices, hotels, chalets, and other business clients. Our engineers are experienced in getting the job done with an in-house archetict who can help you visualize the project beforehand.

Sedar is a member Business Machines Company (BMC) whic is the operating arm of Al-Yaqout Group. Established in 1970, BMC has positioned itself as a strategic partner for innovative workplace solutions. BMC provides bespoke workplace products in novel styles and designs. We develop an efficient, elegant, and cheerful workplace environment that reflects our clients’ identity and BMC’s leadership in Kuwait within the private and public sectors.

Ahmad Hamid

Ahmed Hamid

Operations Manager

Karim Morsy

Senior Style Consultant

Mohamad Belhuene

Style Consultant

Eng. Ahmed

Interior designer

Ahmed Dhamiri- Sedar key account manager for commercial

Ahmed Dhamiri

Commercial Accounts